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"Up Where We Belong" was recorded by Joe Cocker and what other artist?
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New Competition Starting
May 18th, 2020

Below are the links to this week's game. Competition mode will be active until Wednesday (May 20th) at midnight.

New Competition Starting + Interesting Questions
May 7th, 2020

Below I've provided a link to a new competition that just launched. Submit your answer by midnight on Sunday the 10th.

I've also listed some of the interesting pub trivia questions I played in a live stream last night.
Click the questions to reveal the answers.

Note: These questions are not my own and are shared for entertainment purposes only. Please do not reuse without permission from Sunset Trivia.

#1. Food: Name any two of the three best-selling Little Debbie snack foods.
#2. Health: Named for the teacher who develop the concept in the 1970s, which form of yoga consists of 26 postures ideally practiced in a room heated to 105ยฐ F?
#3. Geography: What country has the longest shoreline on the Red Sea?
#4. NFL: What two current franchises have been members of both the AFC and NFC?

Weekly Quizzes, New Games, Interesting Questions
May 4th, 2020

Below I've provided links to this week's custom quiz. Both the multiple choice and competitive mode versions of the game are available.

I also have plans to create some new study quizzes this week, so stay tuned.

Below I've provided some of the interesting pub trivia questions I've played in online livestreams over the past few weeks.
Click the questions to reveal the answers.

Note: These questions are not my own and are shared for entertainment purposes only. Please do not reuse without permission from Sunset Trivia.

๐ŸŒ† US City Nicknames ๐ŸŒ†
๐Ÿบ Types of Beer ๐Ÿบ
๐Ÿž๏ธ Native Americans ๐Ÿž๏ธ
๐Ÿž๏ธ Major Rivers by City ๐Ÿž๏ธ

#1. TV: What 21st Century Fox series spawned a limited series subtitled "Live Another Day" and a spinoff series titled "Legacy".
#2. Literature: Portrayed by Morgan Freeman in the films "Kiss the Girls" and "Along Came a Spider", what fictional detective was most recently played by Tyler Perry? (and who created the character?)
#3. NBA: What two Phoenix Suns have won the MVP award?
#4. Literature: What American novel features a title character that does not appear until Chapter 133, titled "The Chase - First Day"?
#5. Business: Jacob was the first name of which inventor and entrepreneur who earned the first US patent for an electric razor?
#6. Geography: Among countries entirely within Europe, what nation borders the most others?
#7. Universities: What midwest University, nicknamed the "Cradle of Astronauts", boasts 25 NASA astronauts among its alumni?
#8. Food: According to an urban legend involving the Roman god Venus, the shape of tortellini pasta was meant to mimic what body part?
#9. Music/Sports: With performances in November 2002 and January 2003, who was the first person to headline the CFL's Grey Cup Halftime Show and the NFL's Super Bowl Halftime Show?
#10. Culture: Angelina Jolie holds dual citizenship with the US and which Asian country?
#11. Currency: What building is depicted on two different pieces of US paper currency values at $100 or less?
#12. Chemistry: What two elements were discovered by Marie and Pierre Curie?
#13. Movies: At #10 on the 2005 "AFI's 100 Years...100 Movie Quotes", what is the highest ranked quote that is a question?
#14. Literature: Which children's author's work depicts the anthropomorphic animals of Busytown?
#15. Biology: Formerly classified in the same genus as baboons, which primate sports a distinct red and blue muzzle?
#16. TV: Prior to landing the title role on a supernatural TV series, which actress won a Daytime Emmy Award at age 18 for her work on "All My Children"?
#17. History: For inventing a device used to lift boats over shoals and obstructions, who is the only President to have earned a US patent? In what state was he born?

Weekly Quizzes
April 27th, 2020

Below I've provided links to this week's custom quiz. Both the multiple choice and competitive mode versions of the game are available.

Weekly Quizzes and Some Fun Trivia
April 23rd, 2020

Thanks to everyone who's been playing my live games. I'll have a new one ready to go this Sunday.

Below I've provided a link to this week's custom quiz, a competitive mode version of the Disney quiz I hosted the other night, and some of the interesting pub trivia questions I've played in online livestreams over the past few weeks.
Click the questions to reveal the answers.

Note: These questions are not my own and are shared for entertainment purposes only. Please do not reuse without permission from Sunset Trivia.

#1. Literature: In the 1815 Jane Austen novel, what was Emma's last name?
#2. History: A 1960 photograph by Alberto Korda, that has been reproduced millions of times, depicts what historic figure?
#3. Geography: Each home to at least 80 million residents, what are the two most populous countries that border the Mediterranean Sea?
#4. Alcohol: What liqueur turns a White Russian into a Mudslide?
#5. Movies: Prior to directing "Parasite", Bong Joon-ho wrote and directed what 2013 film set during a global ice age?
#6. Culture: What two multi-state lotteries are each sold in at least 45 states?
#7. Beer: What variety of dark beer, created in London during the 18th century, earned its name due to its popularity with those who carried cargo for a living?
#8. Entertainment: The top two finishers in the 2015 Miss Universe pageant, which Steve Harvey announced incorrectly, represented what two nations?
#9. Music/Science: What unit, used in the measurement of a cubic kilometer of ice, is also the title of a recent Pearl Jam album?
#10. NFL: What two teams have each lost five Super Bowls?
#11. Science: Introduced by a pair of French psychologists, the Binet-Simon scale was the first system devised to measure which aspect of modern science?
#12. Alcohol: Named for an Irish military officer, what brand is the world's largest producer of the French brandy cognac?
#13. Sports: In 2013, what major North American league realigned from six divisions to four?
#14. Geography: Until the height of the Himalayas was confirmed in the 19th century, what range was thought to be the world's tallest?
#15. Internet: The YouTube channel BLR has garnered millions of subscribers with videos replacing the sound on clips from sporting events, films, and TV shows. What does BLR stand for?
#16. Music: What was Michael Jackson's final Billboard Hot 100 #1 hit? It had a risque music video.
#17. Art: What American painter created "The Problem We All Live With", a 1964 work depicting a young girl desegregating an elementary school?
#18. Radio: Rounded to the nearest integer (in MHz), what are the minimum and maximum frequencies of American FM radio stations?
#19. Music: Using a military acronym for part of its name, what modern rock band has had hit songs including "Not Your Fault" and "Kill Your Heroes"?
#20. Food: Created in the 1980s to compete with Chex, what Kellogg's brand is one of the few breakfast cereals with a hexagonal shape?
#21. Mail/Games: What three US state postal abbreviations contain a letter worth at least 8 points in Scrabble?
#22. Literature: With four books, what author who passed away in 2019 earned the most selections in "Oprah's Book Club"?
#23. History/Science: What short-term condition, which supposedly led to the death of Attila the Hun, is scientifically known as epistaxis?
#24. Music/Theater: Who earned 9 nods at the first MTV VMAs and later won a Tony for composing the score to "Kinky Boots"?
#25. College Basketball: What two private schools have each won at least three NCAA Division I Men's Basketball Championships?
#26. Film: Using an unscientific method, the website WhatCulture has estimated that what 1993 comedy takes place over 12,395 days (just under 34 years)?

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In addition to all of the links available under the "Study Guides" link, this site contains five different styles of study material available under the "Trivia Games" link:

Full Game: These are multiple-choice quizzes with four possible answer choices that include all questions in a given set.

20Q Game: These are similar to full games, but for quizzes larger than 20 questions it will randomly select 20 questions from within the set. This is a quick way to get in some studying of a topic.

Note: Most targetted quizzes will repeat answers in "Full Game" mode. The purpose of this site is to "Study", so this is meant to help reinforce trivia that you get wrong. Questions in 20Q mode will not repeat, nor will they in custom question quizzes.

Flash Card Game: This is an even quicker way to study a topic and without any hints from multiple-choice options. It presents the questions and gives you the option to click either the question itself or a button at the bottom of the screen to display the answer. Once the answer is showing, you can either click it to advance to the next question or click a button at the bottom of the screen. I like to keep my mouse mid-screen and keep clicking to quickly cycle through these questions. They will appear in a random order and all questions in a given set will be displayed before they recycle.

Study Mode Game: This is probably the fastest way to skim a topic. It will display all questions on one page, and you can click each question to reveal the answer (or click a button at the top of the page to show all answers). Once the answer is showing you can click it for detailed information about the answer (if available), then click it (or the popup) to hide this information.
The questions in "Study Mode" are presented in random order, so they will be in a different order every time you "Study".


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Thanks to Sunset Trivia in San Diego for putting on a great Pub Trivia game which I look forward to every week. These games often give me inspiration to add new study information to the site, typically after I miss a question which reveals a hole in my knowledge.

Thanks to everyone who looked over my books and gave me feedback and/or a quotes for the back cover: Nikki Bates, Jeremy Cahnmann, Anneke Garcia, Ken Jennings, Jonathan Oakes, Dustin Resch, Jeffrey Seguritan, Wesley Wells, and Dianna Zethner.

Thanks to Dustin Resch for help with the cover of my books.

And last but not least, thanks to my amazing wife, Dianna Zethner, who deals with me spending large portions of my free time working on either this website or my books. Words cannot express how much you mean to me. THANK YOU!